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Best Smart Board- BUYABANS.COM

All in One Smartboard / Interactive Flat Panel 

This device is commonly called all in one smartboard or interactive flat panel. Main applications of Smartboards or interactive touch planes included smart classrooms, lecture halls, training centers, and corporate board rooms. Device features Android or Windows operating systems. Most devices that provided by the Abans includes both Android and Windows operating systems built-in. Smartboard has a 4K resolution display that comes in a variety of sizes, namely 55”, 65”, 75” and 86”. Infrared (IR) technology makes the device interactive by adding multi-touch functions with up to 20 touch points. Abans smartboards feature the latest generation intel core i5 processors, 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive bundled with 128SSD and Windows 10 professions operating system to provide sufficient computing power to the device.  

Furthermore, the device has licensed interactive teaching software preinstalled that has many functions from lesson planning to lesson recording and archiving. Device supports almost all latest educational apps and content such as lifeliqe for smart teaching. Built-in Eshare licensed application allows the teacher smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops that run in any operating system (Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome OS or MAC OS) to project and control the smartboard wirelessly. Smartboards are ideal for online teaching by using Zoom or Microsoft Teams platforms.  

 Smartboards has built-in wifi modules and therefore no need for any wired internet connections. In terms of connectivity, smartboards have multiple USB and HDMI ports, Mic-in, RJ45, Touch Port, VGA, TF Reader (for SD card) and other general ports that comes with computer to connect with external devices. Smartboard or the interactive touch panel is built with Aluminum and therefore it is resistant for corrosions. In addition, it has a think 4-6mm tempered glass to protect from physical damages for the panel. All Abans smartboards are wall mountable and the company also provide a movable stand for most smartboard models.  

Delivery of the smartboard, installation and teacher training is provided by the Abans. In terms of after sales services, dedicated engineers are allocated to handle all after sales issues of smartboards installed island wide. Presently, Abans has deployed over 1,000 smartboard island wide.  


Interactive Whiteboards 

Interactive Whiteboard is working with collaboration of a short throw projector and an external computer connected to the interactive whiteboard. In terms of basic solution architecture, Interactive Whiteboard enables the multi-touch function when connected to the external computer and the Short throw projector projects the computer screen on the interactive whiteboard. Calibration software is installed to the computer to calibrate the touch function of the interactive whiteboard. In addition, an interactive teaching software is also installed to the computer for interactive teaching. This software facilitates teachers to plan the lesson, general teaching, lesson recording and many more features.  

 Interactive whiteboards are coming in different sizes, which are 84”, 94” and 107”. In terms of the projector, the interactive whiteboard works with almost any customer projector despite whether the projector is high end or low end. Abans also sells the projectors separately and presently offering EPSON EB530 short throw projector for interactive whiteboards. Our qualified engineers and technicians will perform the installation when a customer purchase the full solution and we also provide a free training session.  


Best Smartboard Price in Sri Lanka

Smartboard & Interactive Whiteboard Price in Sri Lanka 


ABANS 65" Smartboard/ Android 6.0 

Rs.349,900 (10% off) 

ABANS 75" Smartboard/ Android 8.0 

Rs.479,900 (9% off) 

ABANS 65" Smartboard/ Android 8.0 

Rs.359,900 (10% off) 

ABANS 86'' Smartboard 

Rs.595,000 (8% off) 

ABANS 65'' Smart Board i5 (1TB HDD+128SSD ) 

Rs.379,900 (10% off) 

Express Luck 65'' Smart Board I5 

Rs.344,900 (10% off) 

FITOUCH Interactive Whiteboard - FIT-TBI107D 

Rs.89,900 (10% off) 

FITOUCH Interactive Whiteboard - FIT-TBI94D 

Rs.79,900 (11% off) 

FITOUCH Interactive Whiteboard - FIT-TBI84D 

Rs.69,900 (13% off) 

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