The warranty provided through the BuyAbans.com website is the same as the common warranty provided to all Abans PLC showrooms. For any warranty-related issues, please contact the Service Centre via the contact details on the warranty card.

We guarantee that all products sold by Abans PLC are in good quality and working order and tested for quality and handed over to the customer for normal and standard usage, subject to the following terms and conditions. Abans PLC agrees to repair the manufacturing defects in products on free of charge basis only within the 01-year standard warranty period except for products covered under different warranty periods.

Extended warranty will be provided subject to payments, for extended warranty terms and conditions refer the extended warranty card.

The warranty will not be effective for repairs/installations/services done by any 03rd party other than Abans Electricals PLC/Abans PLC or its authorized service agents, damage caused by ancillary equipment and non-recommended accessories, normal wear, tear and corrosion, corrosion of copper tanks, promotional Items given free of charge with the main product, damages due to split and liquid, drop damages, seepage, secretion from insects, rodents or domestic pets, accident, fire, theft, act of god, power surges, electrical leakage, voltage fluctuations, negligence, misuse, abuse, incorrect installations, modifications, improper testing operation, maintenance installation, charging of batteries other than standard charges, defaced, obliterated or removed, substance damage to coil cards and connectors due to misuse, damage due to shock or external force, lightning, being operated in alkaline or unsuitable atmosphere, use of products outside specification, use for purpose not recommended, use beyond the guidelines, directions and user capacity of product, alterations, defaced or suspected warranty cards and serial number alteration, unclear rubber stamp of showroom managers and dealers, any damage or loss to any 03rd party or property, batteries, chargers, carrying cases, laptop bags, power adaptors, power cables, internet connection cables, printer cables, cartridges, toner, knobs, locks, bulbs, filters, racks, shelves, gas charging, switches, remote controllers, AV cables, antenna cables, inter connection cables, brushers, drive belts, pulleys, pads, plug tops, burner caps, trivet, tube, ignition plugs, telephone shower, plastic jug, blades, handles, lids, pouches, speaker cables, speakers, speaker boxes, water tap and any other consumable parts.

Failure to install software, video, audio and file formats are not considered as manufacturing defects. No warranty is provided for the quality of the software and hardware used by the customer, hardware and software defects and corruption, virus attacks, spywares, firmware upgrades, defects due to use of third-party application and unauthorized and illegal software and company will not be responsible for any data losses at point of repair.

If the product delivered by the company contains any damage during transit or handling, customer shall be informed at the same time on date of delivery. If the product is delivered by the customer, company shall not be liable for any damage arising while transporting. Customer is advised to check before moving out product from showroom premises/Duty Free showrooms.

Services shall not be provided if Hire Purchase Instalments are due.

If the product is beyond economical repair, product replacement with similar working condition and warranty shall be effective for remaining period.

It is recommended to use the product with power guard and stabilizers.

Refrigerators Bottle Coolers Freezers 05 years for compressor only. Customer shall bear any charges for labour or accessories in relation to the replacement of compressor. 10-Year warranty shall apply only on compressors of selected refrigerator models. Humidity on the surface shall not be considered as defect.
Televisions LCD/LED If it is a manufacturing fault within the warranty period, Abans PLC will repair it free of charge.

1-year warranty for panel and 3-year warranty for other parts including Main and Power PCB.

Colour dots up to 7 numbers on LCD/LED TV screens shall be considered as a normal industrial cause as a result of pixel burnt and shall not replace the said products on that effect.

No warranty for Main/Power PCB damages due to signal wire connections/careless plugging/unplugging and usage of multi plugs.

No replacements allowed for back light replacements.
No warranty for TV and AV accessories / remotes / speakers / mics / wires / HDMI ports / Cables.
Televisions fixed on mobile vehicles shall not be covered under this warranty.
Audio No warranty for Speaker body corrosion, colour fading and fungus.
No warranty for Remote / Audio Speakers / Mics / Wires / Jacks.

If similar model is not available and customer request for refund, the refund value depends on the usage period.
Usage Period 00-06 months: Refund 85% from the invoiced value.
Usage Period 06-12 months: Refund 75% from the invoiced value.

When customer request upgrade
Usage Period 00-06 months: Get balance amount + Remaining warranty.
Usage Period 06-12 months: Get balance amount + Remaining warranty.
Washing Machine 05/10-year warranty on Stainless Steel Drum against rusting / Direct Drive or Smart Inverter Motor for selected models only.
05-year warranty on selected washing machines.
Water Purifier Refer warranty instruction sheet for more details.
Solar System Refer warranty instruction sheet for more details.


Product Special Warranty Terms for Products / Parts / Accessories
Air Conditioners Within the standard one-year warranty period, 3 services will be provided free of charge.

10-year warranty for the compressor of the LG Inverter Air Conditioner (residential) in the range of 9000 BTU to 24000 BTU and 05-year warranty for the compressor of all other inverter and non-inverter Air Conditioner (residential) brands in the range 9000 BTU to 36000 BTU shall apply only if the service agreement is signed with Abans Electrical PLC for 04 years at the end of the first year. Customer shall bear any charges for the labour and accessories in relation to the replacement of the compressor.

Additional services will be provided subject to additional payments.

No warranty for corrosion on outdoor unit of air conditioner due to environment conditions/sea breeze.

05-year warranty for the compressor of all Air Conditioner brands (Commercial) in the range of 12000 BTU to 100000 BTU shall apply only if the service agreement is signed with Abans Electrical PLC for 04 years at the end of the first year. Customer shall bear any charges for the labour and accessories in relation to the replacement of the compressor.
Computers Laptops Tablets Colour dots up to 7 numbers on Laptops, Tablet Screens and Monitors shall be considered as a normal industrial cause as a result of pixel burnt and shall not replace the said products on that effect.
Mobile Phones 12-month warranty for main unit, 06-month for battery and charger, 01-month for any other accessories
Apple Products
The Apple One-Year Limited Warranty is a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty that can be claimed from any Apple store world-wide and only at Abans Apple Authorized Service Centres

Apple, as defined, warrants Apple-branded hardware product against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser ("Warranty Period").

If a hardware defect arises and a valid receipt is provided within the warranty period, it will be as below in guidance as per Apple's diagnosis system report set up at the service centre.

  1.  For iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and Apple branded accessories: exchange the defective product with a product that is new or which has been manufactured from new or serviceable used parts and is at least functionally equivalent to the original product.
  2.  For Macs: repair the hardware defect at no charge, using new spare parts. Apple Care can be enabled for Macs through service before the first year warranty period is over. Once enabled, an additional 2-year warranty will be extended (visit the link for more info Apple Legal - AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac).
  3.  If the product is dropped, water damage or physically damaged due to customer's negligence there will be no warranty for the same.
  4.  No DOA policy for any Apple products and replacement will only be done through service.
  5.  A sufficient lead time will be required to get the spare parts to repair the product or replace the product in guidance with Apple.

Please note that these are standard warranty details therefore the warranty remarks/conditions printed on the invoice/ warranty card will be applicable.

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