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i Height to the celling of the location where the air conditioner to be installed
i Width of the location where the air conditioner to be installed
i Length of the location where the air conditioner to be installed
i Maximum number of occupancy
i Total Area of the concrete slab in sq. ft.
i Total Wattage of heat dissipating equipment like, ex: Bulbs/ Batteries/ UPS/ IT equipment/ Heaters etc.
Why it’s important to get your BTU Calculation right

Please ensure to enter the correct room dimensions and number of room occupants into the BTU calculator, to choose the optimum capacity Air-Conditioner required for the room.

Warning:Choosing the wrong Air Conditioner with capacity requirement may result in higher energy costs for the customer and shorten the life of the Air-Conditioner. Therefore buyabans.com will NOT proceed with the installation.

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LG 10.2KG Commercial Electric Dryer

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2022-07-22 00:00:00

Inverter Direct Drive Motor

10⁰ Tilted Drum :LG’s commercial washer tub is at 10⁰ making it enables the washer to have a higher level of water in the tub than the competition. This allows to use less water while not sacrificing superior washing performance.

Ultra Capacity : Larger drum enables more tumbling action & greater centrifugal force, but also less tangling & wrinkling of laundry. Heavier Loads such as king size comforters, blankets, and curtains can be washed.

Multi Heat Treatment : To insure superior performance LG heat treats shaft which connects our drums and motors. This protects against gradual wear and tear.


Energy Saving : LG commercial washers are ENERGY STAR qualified meeting with industry standards of energy efficiency.

Suitable for : Hotels, Restaurants, Laundries, Industrial Use

Atomizing system: The Atomizing nozzle sprays fresh water onto cloths and the door. This helps produces a rapid fill so, cloths are soaked faster & longer providing a better washing performance. It also cleans the door glass every time the water sprays on it, reducing your burden of cleaning any excess soap residue.

Capacity 10.2 KG

Easy Temperature selection for drying (Multiple Drying Options)

Tilted Stainless steel drum

Heating Type – Gas or Electric

LED display

Auto restart

Suitable for : Hotels, Restaurants, Laundries, Industrial Use

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