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i Height to the celling of the location where the air conditioner to be installed
i Width of the location where the air conditioner to be installed
i Length of the location where the air conditioner to be installed
i Maximum number of occupancy
i Total Area of the concrete slab in sq. ft.
i Total Wattage of heat dissipating equipment like, ex: Bulbs/ Batteries/ UPS/ IT equipment/ Heaters etc.
Why it’s important to get your BTU Calculation right

Please ensure to enter the correct room dimensions and number of room occupants into the BTU calculator, to choose the optimum capacity Air-Conditioner required for the room.

Warning:Choosing the wrong Air Conditioner with capacity requirement may result in higher energy costs for the customer and shorten the life of the Air-Conditioner. Therefore buyabans.com will NOT proceed with the installation.

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LG 9000 BTU Air Conditioner Dual Cool STD Plus - R32 Inverter

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2022-04-19 00:00:00

LG Air Conditioner 9000BTU Dual Cool STD Plus R32 Inverter 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Free installation (Up to 5-meter piping from Indoor unit to Outdoor unit)
  • Additional meter will be charged
  • The above design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement
  • The value given in the table for noise level reflect in Anechoic Chamber


Capacity Cooling W 2,676
BTU/Hr 9,130
min~max W 524~3250
Air Circulation Indoor/Outdoor CFM 424/845
Noise Level Indoor (Hi/ Mid / Lo /SL) dB-A(+1) 41/ 36/27/ 21
Outdoor dB-A(+1) 50
Compressor Type/Gas   Dual Rotary / R-32
Power Supply Phase/Volatge/Frequency Ø/V/Hz 1/220~240/50
Power Input Cooling W 810
min~max W 310~1042
Running Current Cooling A 4.4
Indoor   Tool SJ
Outdoor   Tool UA3
Condenser Type   Material ø7mm CU (Black fin and tube)
Interconnecting pipe Liquid Side mm(in) 6.35(1/4)
Gas Side mm(in) 9.52(3/8)
Dimension Indoor (W*H*D) mm 837 * 308 * 189
Outdoor (W*H*D) mm 717 * 495 * 230
Net Weight Indoor Kg 8.4
Outdoor Kg 23.3
Stuffing Indoor + Outdoor (CBU) 40 Ft (HC) 245
Mosquito Away     ×
Monsoon Comfort    
Plasmaster Ionizer     ×
Wi-Fi     ×
Active Energy Control  ( 4 in1)    
Energy Saving Mode     ×
Multi Protection Filter     ×
Micro Dust Protection Filter (Single)     ×
Anti-Allergic Filter     ×
Anti-bacterial Filter    
Auto Clean    
Jet Cool     ×
Auto Air Swing ( 4 Way/2 Way)     4-Way
On Timer    
Off Timer    
Sleep Mode    
Display Light (On/Off)    
Display Type     Digital
Indirect Air    
Self Diagnostic    
Chaos Logic    
Fuzzy Logic    
  • 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty & 10 Year Warranty on Compressor (Applicable only with the service agreement signed from the 2nd year of purchase) click for Service Agreement
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